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03:40am 18/08/2005
mood: curious

I used to go to New Fairfield High School! Can anyone tell me what it's like now? Like, what teachers are there and stuff? And wtf is up with the new stadium track field and stuff?!
09:22pm 12/05/2005
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09:52pm 14/02/2005
  I hope I get everything I want, I want them all so bad. Someone help me with my wild card.

Now, I don't want something that'll be too stressful on me, my main priorities are AP Lit and Comp (aka English) and AP Computer Science, granted there is enough space for me.

Anyway, as it stands now, I need only 5 credits left for graduation (and, in my prepared list, I have 6, take that Bitches), taking into account ALL of my needed/required courses over the years (and some that are in next year's schedule, too), thankyouverymuch.

My wild card is AP Art History. God knows I love art, art history, I haven't been OUT of the art curriculum for all my highschool life. BUT I DON'T want to get Main. If I get her, I will hang myself. That meaning, I really want Kollar for my final year. But if my carrer, or even further studies in college won't be in art, what's the use?

ANYWAY, here's the list so far:

AP Lit and Comp (because...I have to have an English and I love English so there, I don't care how much work I have to do, I'm going all out)

School and Community (because I have to. Wheee. Who do I wan't to enslave myself to? that reminds me....CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR IN-SCHOOL COMM SERVICE IDEAS, PREFERABLY BLOW-OFF TYPE DEALS ^___^)

Gym/Health 12 (Once again, because I have to. *JOY*)

Into to Psych (Because I want to rule your minds. Bitches.)

WILDCARD: AP Art History (Yay or Nay? I'll ask Kat about this one, too.)

AP Computer Science (Many reasons. Kathryn in my class [possibility], Mrs. Hope as a teacher, Java, programming, course sounds great, 4 years of math [one AP!] that will look pretty damn good for someone who's NOT graduating "with distinction"--can't possibly squeeze all those into my last year with requirements, etc.)

WILDCARD: Graphics (basically....it's either Graphics or AP Art)

Astronomy (B/C Balsly is staying another year for moi and I love him and he's awesome and I know I'll work SOO fucking hard just to make him happy cause he's awesome!)
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09:21pm 14/02/2005
  hey another entry even though nothing is going on (duh)

Course selection--- deciding your fate
teachers to avoid/ request
hard classes/blow off classes

Last year for:
because mr. balsey is leaving

New classes (were using our little $ we have?)
AP American Govt. (this is gonna be esp. hard since its a half year course when testing is in May!)

and seniors let me recomend that you check your schedule to make sure you have all the credits needed to graduate unless you want to be here another year
*** you need 2 credits of electives in business, art, consumer sciences or something like that so no 4 years of 2 languages***
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09:18pm 14/02/2005
mood: i rock
hey your friendly neighborhood mod has no life and is updating finally!
so MIDTERMS are over and now i want to know for the good of the community--
which ones are easy
which ones you should be studying for months before hand
which ones you failed and so did everybody else?

hehe time to go update agian
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01:57pm 13/02/2005
mood: bouncy
hey all what up it's sarina. wow even a little shithole like NFHS has it's own community wow i'm in shock. well yea i dont think i have anything to say other than everyone should join the anime club!!
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05:57pm 31/12/2004
  I joined because I wanted to know the point of this "community" dealy. So, what's this all about? Comments please.  
Roy and The System, oh yeah, and a bit o promotin! 
04:43pm 07/12/2004
  So, I heard that Melanie got suspended for saying "I wish we have a bomb threat like last year". 10 Days suspension--for that, I mean, c'mon! So, today at lunch we were all talking about last years' "bomb threat friday" to this new kid. I wish Roy could have come over here and heard us talking. I would have wanted to say "Are we goona get suspended now, Sir?" HA! The system is warped.

And, I snuck it in, a bit o promotin. Katie can't kick me out cause I love her. And I post the most actual content.

10:15pm 02/12/2004
  haha K00Lsk8rD00D. i dont even know him and i think he's hilarious.

what are we supposed to write in here my dear friend?

K00Lsk8rD00D may not eat puppies, but he DOES love molesting boys named bob. :D
10:04pm 02/12/2004
  nevermind, yay! i figured it out. sorry i have nothing good to say about our stupid school right now... but i just figured out how to post in the community -.-  
07:55pm 02/12/2004
mood: blarg
okie dokie this is a truthful nf community
stick 2 events + confirmed couples
<3 me
ps lookie at nf_gossip 4 trash
this is the place 2 defend yourself
and tell it
.~. Katie.~.
pst go see clue fri+ sat @ 7:30
sunday @ 2?
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pissed as fuck; sorry for the language Katie 
10:03pm 22/11/2004
mood: infuriated
Dude, what the eff??? I think we should make a free-Merritt website. This is effin rediculous. Look at the first one and the second one, which angered me A LOT. I'm ready to drive a steak through her she's THAT evil.

First off, a blatent dissrespect for the man himself, and then takes what we have to say, takes it out of context, meerly states ONCE that we were outraged, and then continues with the parents speel. F*CK THEM! Do they go to this school? No. Why are they yappin? Cause they read about it in the damn paper. Have their kids ever complained? No, but they were concerned anyway. It's a load of garbage.

Everyone remember Suchi from Global?

I really think there is no justice in the media anymore...
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07:18pm 22/11/2004
  Hi people who have stumbled upon this community!
if your from nf PLEASE JOIN

Wed Nov 24- last football game go crappy football team!
---trashers hockey games
comment more

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